On-The-Land Healing reports and projects around the NWT


Indigenous governments, organizations and academics are at work researching, funding, designing and building On-The-Land Healing facilities across the NWT. Here is a list of a few. Please let me know of others so we can tell the public of the important work being done.

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation​

Inuvialuit Project Jewel is on-the-land wellness program run as part of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation's Health and Wellness Division in the Beaufort Delta.
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“Land Project Jewel is an on-the-land wellness program that builds in aftercare support for its participants. Within IRC’s Health & Wellness Division, Project Jewel strives to provide services that are client-driven, culturally sensitive and relevant. With the assistance of Elders, external and internal facilitators, and clinical support, we work with individuals to manage stress, grief, trauma or any emotions they are experiencing.” IRC 

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Honourable Ethel Blondin-Andrew On The Effect On Sahtu Youth​

Ethel Blondin-Andrew,

“These camps were rich cultural experiences and spiritually rewarding. But most of all, they were healing,” said Blondin-Andrew. “Residential schools caused great grief and intergenerational trauma because they taught that we are not worthy of love. We are worthy of love. The kids in our camps get it. They know that being on the land is where they are the best human beings they can be,” said Blondin-Andrew.”

One Year Later

$2.3M announced for the renovation of Gwich'in Wellness Camp in the Northwest Territories

A year after the first healing camp collaboration between the Dehcho First Nations and NWT trauma recovery specialists, a follow-up session was held at North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge near Cli Lake.

Organizers are hoping to be able to offer the opportunity to take part in the healing camp, which includes aftercare programming, on an ongoing basis.

After the first session in 2021, Kristen Tanche says she and other organizers received a wave of positive feedback, but the response only grew when they announced the newest program, set to run from August 4-25, 2022. “Everyone talks about aftercare,” said Tanche, the Dehcho First Nations’ regional health and wellness coordinator. “We know now that it’s a necessity, and that there’s a huge gap around aftercare in the Northwest Territories. So as we were developing this programming, we were trying to ensure that piece was built into it.”

Northern-Based Research Led By NWT Indigenous Governments ​

Indigenous Land-Based Healing Programs in Canada: A Scoping Review Prepared for: Hotıì ts’eeda and NWT Recreation and Parks Association August

Hotıì ts’eeda is a research support unit hosted by the Tłı̨chǫ Government, and governed primarily by Northwest Territories (NWT) Indigenous Governments. Go here to see the website Below is an excerpt of findings from Hotıì ts’eeda’s research on On-The-Land Healing. Click here or on the cover to read the full report. 

“The most appropriate mechanism and site of healing for Indigenous peoples are perhaps the lands from which they were forcibly displaced. Relationship with the land has forever been a core aspect of health and healing in Indigenous communities, and being on the land is therefore key to restoring one’s connection with traditional health knowledge and ultimately finding means to heal.”

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