Yellowknife daycares are struggling to stay open with rising costs and shortages of qualified staff,
Lack Of Daycare Forces Families To Leave NWT Or Not Work

Daycare is one of those make-or-break issues that can force families to make hard choices – leave or give up a job. I know this personally, having raised five children in Yellowknife. It was always difficult to find spaces, but not impossible. Now it’s getting close to impossible. Cost is

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On-The-Land Healing reports and projects around the NWT

Indigenous governments, organizations and academics are at work researching, funding, designing and building On-The-Land Healing facilities across the NWT. Here is a list of a few. Please let me know of others so we can tell the public of the important work being done. Inuvialuit Regional Corporation​ “Land Project Jewel

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Picture of Aurora College in NWT taken from the outside during winter with snow on the ground.
The Plan For Aurora College Nobody’s Talking About

While the GNWT steams ahead with its unworkable Polytechnic University scheme featuring a gleaming campus atop Tin Can Hill, there is another plan unnoticed by the media and MLAs that makes much more sense. Let’s call it Plan E, as in E for Education and E for the NWT Economy.

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An indigenous male child wearing a green tshirt and playing a drum while in school
Attendance In NWT Community Schools

Report cards in school can be a hard lesson. But a bad report card is better than a good one that doesn’t tell students where they truly stand. Unfortunately, in hopes of maintaining a positive environment, our department of education and education ministers try to water down the results in

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Why Consensus Candidates Should Axe The NWT Gas Tax

The GNWT Polar Bear Should Share The Cost Of Living Pain And Return The NWT Fuel Tax To Northerners. In the short term, people are looking for relief, especially with the federal carbon tax putting another log on the raging inflation fire scorching Northern families. The most obvious target is

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Scrabble letters spelling the word VOTE on an orange background
Why the NWT should vote for change in Election 2023

The legislative assembly spends most of its money on what’s good for government rather than on good government for the Dene, Metis and Inuvialuit of the NWT The budget just passed with one MLA opposed tells the sad story of the NWT for the past 56 years. The civil service

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MLAs in the NWT legislative Assembly voted to forgive elders and residential school survivors for housing rental arrears.
Housing Motion Becomes The True Test Of Consensus Government

Nine MLAs Voted To For Rental Relief For Elders​ Most Northerners like the idea of consensus in the NWT. Few are passionate about party politics. Consensus-style assemblies make for a healthier workplace than Ottawa and the provinces but is it good government for the people of the NWT? Not when

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wood frame of a house being built with the sun in the background
Comparing the GNWT’s Spending in 2020/21 to 2023/24

What’s Gone Up and What’s Gone Down The largest problem facing the NWT is housing. In 2006, 5.7% of the budget was spent on housing. In 2024, the GNWT intends to spend 3%. Apparently, if we listen to cabinet who listens to their senior civil servants, it’s the federal government’s

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