Get the facts about the proposed Polytechnic College

By pursuing a Polytechnic University, the Government of the NWT takes scarce human and funding resources away from the community school system outside of Yellowknife.  As these are the students who make up the vast majority of Aurora College enrollment, that’s where we should look for answers.

Why did the degree programs fail? Why has enrolment been dropping for the past two decades? What is the link to low graduation rates in the community schools and high absenteeism. How has this prevented Dene, Metis and Inuvialuit people from being qualified for jobs in their government. I look into all these questions here – Education in the NWT . Please check it out.

Aurora College logo, Northwest Territories

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Understanding what our government does, and doesn't do is key to knowing how to move forward. Exaggerating graduation rates, putting out employment figures that fail to tell the true story, and ignoring the culture and history of The Dene, Metis and Inuvialuit population has brought few results.